Would someone who is not an evangelical Christian enjoy Malevolent Tide?

If you like Michael Crichton or Tom Clancy and can tolerate a sprinkling of the Biblical paranormal, I think you will like the book even if you’re not an evangelical Christian. I wrote it from a Biblical worldview in that the Bible is God’s word, recorded by humans and that Christ is God incarnate and the only doorway to being saved from God’s wrath, and that the Holy Spirit lives in His followers. No denomination (e.g. Baptist, Catholic, etc) is singled out as better or worse. My prayer is that it will entertain and encourage any follower of Christ.

I might be crazy but I really think nonChristians will enjoy it, too. None of the nonChristians are singled out in the book as being all bad and Christians are not singled out as being all good. And the beliefs of some characters are never revealed. I think it will help all gain some understanding of Christians as well as being simply entertained by this paranormal technothriller. One theme in the book that I think all will appreciate is that genocide is not the answer to the world’s environmental problems.

I think anyone who’s searching for a spiritual identity (or who knows someone who is) will enjoy Malevolent Tide because I think it might actually help with sorting through issues while entertaining the reader along the way. That’s what I pray, with thanksgiving and expectation.


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