The mysterious old man – an excerpt from the book

If you visited my book synopsis , you’ve met Dr. Justin Greer. But, who’s the mysterious, old man?  Here’s an excerpt from the book:

Standing there, with a closely cropped crown of silver, Justin noted there was nothing feeble about the man. He was solid despite his age. Even though his skin color was different, something about his commanding presence reminded Justin of his pappy.

Justin nodded. “Looks like lady luck shined on you.”

“Appreciate it, but I don’t cotton to luck. And if there was such a thing, it sure as heaven wouldn’t be a lady.”

Justin laughed. “You remind me of someone. My name is —”

“Dr. Justin Parks Greer,” said the man as they shook hands.

Trying not to wince at his vice-like grip, Justin asked, “And you are?”

“Lucius Siren, at your service.”


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