Bonus: How does God and faith in Christ factor into my beliefs on climate change?

As far as climate change, the fastest and most devastating change in climate was The Great Flood as described in the Bible. It also illustrated God’s use of man in ensuring the perpetuation of the creatures the Lord created. He could have raised them from the dust like He did in the very beginning, but instead chose Noah and asked him to build the Ark. In my book, Noah is the greatest endangered species champion of all time.

As far as climate change, the Flood catastrophically altered the world in a matter of months. Its effects continue to the present. Evidence of polar and magnetic shifts and historic changes in climate are everywhere and support a catastrophic process of change rather than slow, gradual uniformitarian change. Secular climate science maintains the dogma that things under natural conditions change slowly so if change seems to be happening faster than expected, there must be a new factor and it’s easy to point the finger at humans. Crichton’s book State of Fear is a great read with a lot of citations and includes a nonpartisan assessment of the data and the potential for human influence.


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