Q. 6 of 7: Do I believe in the modern evolutionary theory?

When I was in high school and even after I received a B.S. in Wildlife Management, I believed that the earth was 4.3 billion years old and all life evolved from slime. I did believe in God at the time but just thought that Genesis was a symbolic story of how he created everything.

When I started my Masters in Biology in 1999, my eyes were opened to the scientific method and to the leaps of faith evolutionists take in assuming random chance and time are all that is needed to turn random chemical reactions into RNA and ultimately, a human. Given the diversity of life we see today and evolution’s unfounded assumptions, I started becoming skeptical of the evolutionary dogma and the theory of uniformitarianism.

By the time I finished my PhD in Physiological Sciences at the University of Florida in 2004, I could no longer accept the modern evolutionary theory as a viable explanation for the life we see today. This rejection of evolutionary theory has nothing to do with my faith in God, but had everything to do with me holding to the scientific method. Staying true to the scientific method has provided me with a successful career as a practicing biologist in a secular, scientific world.

On a personal level, what I was left with was life was a product of random chance in space or was designed by something that was outside of our universe. Evolution in space has bigger problems than evolution on earth. That deduction left me with intelligent design as the only viable theory.


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