Ned Dockins faces the after-life: an excerpt from Malevolent Tide

…a searing, gut-wrenching surge contorted his body – snapping his back, exploding his heart.

Time stopped. His entire life was flashing from beginning to end. He was alive but knew he was dead. It seemed oddly natural.

So there is life after death, he thought, amused and surprised.

His peaceful linger was interrupted as a cold shadow approached. Growing bigger and bigger, it blocked the bright flashes of his memories. Evil, vile contempt, hatred, and viciousness emanated from the inky shadow. Horrific, overwhelming fear poured over Ned like ice water. Engulfed by the inky shadow, its suffocating weight dragged him downward. All light disappeared. Inky blackness pressed in as he sank deeper and deeper. Suddenly, a sulfurous blast of heat scalded him and the ear-piercing screams of tormented souls welcomed Ned to….READ MORE HERE    

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