SBDR provides support to Arkansas – fed 1.2 Million meals during Sandy and 425,000 meals during Katrina

The Southern Baptist Disaster Relief served 425,000 meals per day during Katrina Response and within a month after Sandy hit they served 1.2 Million meals. They also responded with chainsaw crews. They bringing spiritual, physical, and emotional help to those in need. They have 82,000 trained volunteers and 1,550 mobile units and are one of the three largest volunteer disaster relief organizations in the U.S. along with American Red Cross and The Salvation Army. They were at NYC after 9/11 and in Haiti after the earthquake. As much as love is truly a verb and not a noun, so is compassion. They don’t really promote themselves or jump in front of the cameras to get credit because they do what they do because they love God first and their neighbor as themselves. Being a member of a local SBC church and born and raised in Arkansas, I’m proud of them and glad a portion of what I tithe to my church goes to them and to whoever needs their help.  God desires for each one of us to act on behalf of those in need. I pray He helps me to do more and you to do more. Read more at SBDR


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