Malevolent Tide’s 5-star review by Dan Bloom – He coined the term Cli Fi: Climate Fiction

Dan Bloom’s Blog about Malevolent Tide

Dan Bloom’s review per Malevolent Tide is a cli fi novel that goes where few Christian-themed novels have gone before By Daniel Halevi Bloom on May 6, 2014 …. R.H. Rauschenberger has created a tour de force that not only explores man’s relationship to his God but also explores the intricate issues of global warming and climate change and hopefully this kind of book will have an impact on our policy makers. Before it is too late and a real “malevolent tide” engulfs every nation on Earth. We have 30 generations to fix things. I read this book and I see a vision here. Bravo!

goodreads includes Malevolent Tide on it CliFi list

Malevolent Tide: watch the trailer, read the synopsis, order your signed copy now!

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