Read My Response to the Foundry’s Critique of Cli Fi and Godzilla Movie

#Dan Bloom sent me this article and was kind enough to mention my book in his comments. For the article and all the comments please click here

You can scroll down to find mine – I posted on May 17 at 5:30 pm ET – but to make it easy I pasted them here.

“To echo Dan Bloom, not all Cli Fi promotes anthropogenic climate change. My Christian Thriller Malevolent Tide (R.H. Rauschenberger) is a mix of Michael Crichton’s techno approach and Frank Peretti’s unseen spiritual battle approach. My book deals with spiritual truth and the truth about what would happen if someone who values the earth over human life would do if he had the means to send us into an ice age and terminate most of the human population in the process.

The problem with science is not the data but its the assumptions and the biases that affect the assumptions and how the data is collected and the conclusions. The problem with climate science is the presumption that it borrows from evolution which itself borrows from Lyell and Hutton’s view of Geology which is that all things we see today are the result of the same processes we see today and that everything changes slowly over time. Climate science, evolution, and geology don’t take into account stochastic events that rapidly change everything. I have a BS in Wildlife Management, a MS in Biology, and a PhD in Physiological Sciences and I didn’t question the secular worldview of evolution until I had evolutionary biology and after I finished my PhD I had to reject the theory of evolution as it’s popularly presented because the probability of life resulting from random chance is statistically so remote that any truth-seeking scientist would have to drop it and search for another theory. More info? Read my book (find it on amazon) or go to or

Even Stephen Jay Gould who was a devout atheist had to find some way to reconcile the blips in the fossil record and so he came up with punctuated equilibrium. So whether you’re Christian or not, climate skeptic or climate believer, I think Malevolent Tide will make you think and promote understanding of how a conservative Christian thinks about climate change but more importantly, God.”


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