God the one and only cure for entropy: Job 34:14-15

Welcome to Monday morning. Are you facing disorder? It’s a simple fact of life in a less-than-perfect world.

Look up entropy in dictionary.com. It’s a law of Physics, a measurement of disorder in that without an outside force, all things inside a closed system tend toward disorder (like my house). It is also a doctrine of social degeneration and decline (hmmm-seems self-evident).

Sounds like a hi-tech theory but here’s what one of the oldest books in the Bible says:

Job 34:14-15  If it were his intention and he withdrew his spirit and breath, all humanity would perish together and mankind would return to the dust.

What about the sun? Doesn’t it support life on earth? Well, my limited mental capacity sees it like this. Just as a computer programmer writes code, then hits run, and presto a virtual world is created at the touch of a key; that world and all the complexity that is in it only lasts until the programmer turns it off or runs a different program.

The human mind and the universe are infinitely more complex than any computer program, but God is infinitely more powerful and more intelligent than all the intellectuals and supercomputers that have or ever will exist. But, the best part about God is that he loves each and every person that was ever born so much that he gave them free will and, knowing they would fall short of perfection, he sent his one perfect son (His word incarnate) to bear our shame and punishment. Faith and belief in that might seem childish, but it’s the key to eternal life. The key to finding that faith is humility. Today we live an a world of techno-hubris and what we think we know might cause us to miss the objective, universal truth if we become too full of ourselves.

So, yes it’s monday but thankfully before that there was a Sunday!

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