Science like Mr. Spock is supposed to be logical, factual, and cold with a disinterest in everything but the truth

Yet, it seems the media and the activists want science to engage in a PR campaign and follow the rest of western culture which is all about flash, glitz, and glamour.

Scientists Should Use Art and Poetry to Win Skeptics

Political organizations have a purpose and a method that involve governing people. Science is about observation, testing, data, assumptions, controlling biases, and making suggestions about how things are associated with each other.  When science starts using the same methods of influencing people as media and marketing companies (and politicians) it won’t be long until the public has as much faith in the scientist as the politician.

Maybe that won’t be such a bad thing though. At least the sheepskin will be pulled off the wolf. I might sound a bit cynical but having worked in science and research (two very different things) I can attest that no matter what career one is in everyone is competitive and wants to be able to pay their mortgage and send their kids to college. That doesn’t mean all are corrupt but it does mean other issues come into play besides the desire to search out the truth regarding a controversial issue.

Let scientists and researchers do what they were supposed to do: cold, logical, tedious, careful, conservative, objective work. Then let the work inform politicians and media and hopefully they will understand it and take it into consideration with all the other aspects of trying to govern a Nation that is polarized on multiple issues.

Just a thought.



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