Enviroactivist of Today Catching up with Malevolent Tide’s Activist of Tomorrow: Today Billionairre Climate Change Activist Spending $100 million to attack climate deniers

Here’s the link http://www.msnbc.com/msnbc/tom-steyer-pac-targets-climate-denier-gop

Today environmental activists are attacking climate “deniers”. Malevolent Tide looks into the future when an envirooextremist billionairre with an earth first, humans second, deep ecology philosophy is fed up with talking about climate change and acquires the technology that could cause an ice age that would lead to global starvation. Sounds far-fetched today, but a Malevolent Tide is slowly creeping in.

Want to know how to turn the Tide? Please share and Pray that God will give our leaders vision and wisdom.

Want a vision of what the true battle looks like? Read first chapters for free and buy Malevolent Tide – Amazon.com (paperback and kindle)



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