New Creation Museum Opens in Idaho

Just wanted to share that a museum has opened that presents a literal Genesis account of creation. A recent gallup poll reports that 42% of Americans believe the earth was created by God around 6,000 years ago.

Sound crazy to you? Are you a Christian? If you are, then here’s something even more crazy, believing that a man can raise the dead and even more, raise himself from the dead. As Christians, we sit on 2,000 years of history but imagine if it had only happened 20 years ago. Would you believe it?

If you believe it becasue the Bible says so, then why would you not believe in a literal Genesis account of creation? If your answer is science has shown that the earth is much older, then you have to admit that science has shown that a man cannot raise another man from the dead who’s been dead for 4 days, much less raise himself from the dead.

Anytime you look back in time and try to explain what happened you must make assumptions because neither you nor anyone else was there to witness it, except of course for God who explained it in the only way we could understand. Pick up any scientific pub and you’ll notice it begins with a brief description of the entire body of work. Genesis is that 300-word abstract that describes a larger body of work that is indescribable from a human’s point of view and limited intellect.

It’s hard to care more about what God thinks of you than people, but the choice is yours. I struggle with it but when push comes to shove I remember that no matter how far I fall short or how many times I stumble in sin, God will never write me off because I believe that his one and only Son gave his life as a ransom for mine.

Thanks and God bless,


Malevolent Tide’s characters span the spectrum of beliefs and have direct conversations that include real facts about the fatal flaws of secular evolutionary theory and likelihood of creation.


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