Great Newspaper article about Malevolent Tide #malevolenttide – evolutionists are attacking

They aren’t attacking me as much as they are attacking the Bible. At one time a majority of the scientists believed the earth was flat because it was how they perceived the world (not because of the Bible).  Historical science has no choice other than to be based in faith. Faith in that you must assume that either God made things as described in the Bible, that the processes we see working in the world today are responsible for making everything that occurred in the past, or that this is all just some sort of computer simulation.

All people place faith in some type of authority. For some the authority is God and the Bible, for others it’s another religion, for others it’s a human with a lot of initials after their name.

Ultimately, though, there is one truth and one authority. To me, the risk at stake merits the effort to seek the truth. Eternity is not a long time, it’s forever, it’s a state of perpetual being. Much more real and serious than someone’s idle opinion.

Here’s the article and whether you agree or not, please exercise your freedom of expression, speech, and religion (or lack thereof).

Log Cabin’s article on Malevolent Tide and evolutionist’s comments

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