From Darwin’s Idea to Galton’s Eugenics to Hitler’s Holocaust: A Spiritual Warning to Climate Change Theorists

Evil, specifically primary evil (also known as spiritual wickedness in high places), can take any idea and twist it into a grotesque thing that causes death and destruction. It began in Heaven when Lucifer decided that in his opinion he was equal to God and convinced a third of the angels to follow him in rebellion. After he was cast out he just became known as the enemy (satan). Then, while on earth he lied and twisted God’s own words to tempt Adam and Eve into disobedience. The physical world, from biodiversity to DNA, has been degrading ever since because of the curse of sin.

There was nothing inherently evil or even burdensome about God’s command to Adam and Eve of not to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. It was a command that if followed would have meant eternal life, heaven on earth.

Ideas and technology don’t necessarily come with morals. From dynamite to nuclear fission to molecular biology, humans can come up with amazing advances that benefit mankind. Then, sometimes out of our fallen sin nature and sometimes from the enemy’s influence, we take that technology and use it as an instrument of pure evil.

Read about the history of eugenics – it was not Darwin who proposed eugenics. It was Galton, a relative of Darwin who read his book. Would he have come up with the idea of eugenics anyway? Maybe, maybe not.

People latched on to eugenics and not just evil people. It was famous leaders and celebrities. The progressives of their day. Unfortunately, an evil man, arguably possessed by primary evil, named Adolf Hitler took the idea of eugenics and survival of the fittest and twisted it into a lie that a nation of people supported. Eleven million people died in the holocaust as a result. Six million were Jews. Millions of others died from bombs, bullets, disease, and starvation during WWII as the Allies fought the Nazis and Japanese forces.

So, what’s all this have to do with Climate Change? Especially, given the fierce debates over whether it’s real or not; and if so whether or not humans are to blame.

First, let me say I do think the climate is changing and has always been changing. The biggest change was going from a pre-flood climate to a post-flood climate. And yes, I’m referring to Noah’s Flood. We have been indoctrinated into the theory of uniformitarianism – simply put we’ve been taught to believe that all physical change occurs slowly over time by the same processes we observe today. That tends to cause people to think the Bible is wrong because the Bible explains that catastrophism is responsible for the significant physical changes in geologic and climatic conditions. Ultimately, historical sciecne (or sciecne about the origins of life and the earth and the universe) end up becoming a matter of faith because there will always be assumptions that will not be able to be proven. So, I think we are experiencing a more rapid shift in some climate patterns and the fossil record shows that rapid shifts have occurred inbetween periods of stability. Stephen Jay Gould (an outspoken atheist) dubbed this observation Punctuated Equilibrium.

To the point of the blog, fear (or the State of Fear – Thank you Mr. Crichton) is a doorway by which primary evil can influence well-intended people to do monstrous things – like eugenics, like the holocaust. Today, the debate is about the cause of climate change and if it’s really occuring. We are also arguing over what to do about it – limiting emissions of CO2, planting trees, promoting greener energy. Nothing evil about those ideas. But what about tomorrow when we have the idea and the technology that will allow us to manipulate the climate at the global scale. We already have the ability to do it locally (Weather_warfare ; weather modification). Will evil be able to turn it against humanity? History teaches us that if we give it the opportunity it most certainly will. None of our ideas or technology can protect us from that evil because its not of flesh and blood, it’s spiritual wickedness in heavenly places. The only one who can is Yeshua the Christ. His doctrine of grace and mercy and His Spirit is the only thing that holds the line and keeps us from falling into a trap of moral relativity where killing people can be rationalized. The Nazis did it then and the world does it today to the unborn out of convenience. Future actions are a product of today’s thoughts- my prayer is that we guard them with prayer.




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