What this world needs is less entertainment and more edification in Truth

A recent article- Learning from Young Atheists: – discusses why young atheists left their Christian upbringing. The biggest thing was not that they became bored or weren’t entertained enough. The biggest thing was that the instruction did not go deep enough and was not presented with a certainty that compelled the young person to believe that the presenter really believed what they were teaching them. By believe, I mean the kind of belief we all have about the sun rising in the morning. We “know” it will and we know the hope it brings can enable us to sustain a long, dark, cold night. This is not an uncertain hope (like the hope of someone who buys a lottery ticket in hopes of winning millions) but the certain hope of a better future.

I think the same need for less entertainment and more edification goes for Christian fiction. Stories can be entertaining and that’s great for escape. But what is greater is when a story conveys real truth while holding the readers attention. To paraphrase a friend of mine, “If a novel makes you want to keep reading when you know you need to do something else, if it evokes emotion, and if it plays like a movie in your head, then it’s a pretty good story.”  To make it a great story I would add one more qualifier – It presents the Truth in a way that you cannot dispel or ignore. You might see, agree, and be changed or you might not like it and reject it because of how it makes you feel.

The thing about truth is that you determine whether it hurts or not.

Truth + Pridefulness = hurt, anger, depression.


Truth + humility = healing, peace, joy

Edification is a word first used in the 14th century to describe “building up of the soul”.

That’s what this world needs. That’s what Christians should be looking for in entertaiment and in church and in music. You are what you think and your thoughts are based on what you expose yourself too. So, you will become what you expose yourself too.  Be conscious of your choices because there is primary  evil and we know his name. He roams this earth and would love nothing more than to keep you happily entertained and carefree, without need or thought of Yeshua the Christ until the day you die. Because all the money and carnal pleasure in the world is nothing compared to one eternal human soul. Remember we are not bodies with souls, we are eternal souls that have temporary bodies.



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