Is There a Biblical Case for Climate Change?

Climate change has been occurring since Adam sinned and it catastrophically accelerated after Noah’s flood. Our culture has been indoctrinated and brainwashed into believing that changes in geography, geology, and climate occur slowly over eons because we are told up front it has to be that way because the earth has to be billions of years old. Those ‘has-to-be’s” are actually unprovable, arbitrary assumptions because we see more and more how powerful weather events, eruptions, and tsunamis can instantaneously change coastlines and landscapes. If the earth is 10,000 years or so old then the periods of rapid change split between years of stability (which is how earthquakes work) strongly support the possibility that we are going through a period of rapid climate change and that it is natural and irreversible unless we have the technology to modify the weather or use the ocean as a giant HVAC unit. As with the author of this blog posted below, I’m also a Christian who doesn’t categorically deny accelerated climate change. I simply think it comports with everything the Bible teaches about the times we are in and the events to come.

Planet in Distress

The ongoing discussion (if it can be called that) on climate change is almost entirely political.  Or at least, it is here in the US.  This means that most people, instead of evaluating perspectives and theories and data, make up their mind in accordance with their political beliefs and ignore or dismiss information that runs counter to their political perspective.  Worse than that and consistent with a political discussion, tribalism is an ingrained part of the exchange and thus insults and twisted information are mostly what the two sides trade.  The entire situation is disappointing.

Happily, I do not offer any political discussion on climate change.  Instead, I want to explore what the Bible says about climate change (or global warming or whatever) being a part of the end-times.  We will also look at what the Bible doesn’t  say on the subject, which is just as important.  Before we dive in…

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