Union of Concerned Scientists Trying to Curb CNN’s Coverage of Climate Science Debate

CNN is fanning the flames of the climate science debate because they either sincerely think there are some uncertainties that merit debate or they feel that playing up the controversy will draw viewers. That said, the climate change believers (which include the Union of Concerned Scientists) are trying to shame people into accepting climate change by calling them climate change deniers and requesting that global news organizations only report what UCS deems acceptable (see UCS’s Urge CNN to Debate Climate Policy, Not Climate Science). Censoring ideas or debates never work unless a nation instills martial law and begins persecution of those who think different.

Most people accept that we had an ice age and that now we are in a much warmer period so it’s not climate change they are denying as much as they reject the gloom and doom predictions which do require significant extrapolations beyond known data. Science that requires a lot of modeling and assumptions will always be open for debate because all inferences involve observational data and correlational analyses – which is not the same as causation.

I’m sure the Union of Concerned Scientists would have banished Einstein for thinking he could add to Newton’s Physics. It’s poor form for UCS to think that a petition or a letter from a bunch of scientists would dissuade a global news organization from pursuring their freedom of speech and expression, especially when there is an opposing side who will write their own research with their own PhDs backing it. And lets not forget Climate Gate 1 and 2 and the millions and millions of dollars that are going to research organizations who at this point cannot afford to publish anything that refutes climate change for fear it would be their last grant.

God’s initial plan for Adam was to tend the garden, to name the animals, to care for what he had been given. If we believe in God and want to be obedient, we should follow all of his instructions to the best of our ability. He commands us to love him and our neighbor as ourselves. We all need to do what is best for our neighbor and that means taking care of the earth which God has created and allowed us to borrow from our children. For God’s glory and our children’s sake we should take good care of it. That’s the message in my humble opinion.


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