#Science claims oceans slow #climatechange #globalwarming Should we enhance this effect? #malevolenttide is a message to #christians

Science of today claims that Oceans playing Central Role in Global Warming Hiatus

If we could enhance the thermal conductance of the ocean, we would theoretically be able to cool the Gulf Stream that warms Western Europe and affects the western hemisphere’s weather patterns. 

But like Michael Crichton’s question posed in Jurassic Park, the ability to do something does mean it’s the right thing to do.

If you’ve read my posts Is there a Biblical Case for Climate Change? and From Darwin’s idea to Galton’s Eugenics to Hitler’s Holocaust you can hopeful understand the potential for a potential cure to actually become a curse. 

If spiritual wickedness in high places is always looking for a way to destroy us and all of God’s creation, all it really takes is one evil person with the money and desire to twist a good thing into a horrific thing. 

Today the world is arguing over whether it’s real and whether humans are a cause and whether we should curb emissions of greenhouse gases. But what about the future, when those debates are over and a radical, deep ecology extremist acquires the means to take matters into his own hands. Or when the UN decides for the sake of the planet, that it will begin weather and climate manipulation. And, what about the greenhouse gases humans expel from their own bodies? 

Considering the world kills millions of unborn babies every year out of personal convenience and euthanasia is becoming more accepted worldwide, how easy would it be for the powers-that-be to extend that logic to poor overpopulated nations? 

Think this is far-fetched and can’t happen? Read about eugenics and read about Hitler’s plan to create a super race. And it’s no coincidence that Hitler just happened to try and exterminate the Jewish people. His evil was just a manifestation of a spiritual evil that has been roaming the earth since it was cast down from Heaven.

Over three-quarters of America claims to to be believers in Christ and 42% (150 million people) have a Biblical worldview of creation (everything created per Genesis in the last 10,000 years). It’s no wonder ICR.org and answersingenesis.com and the http://creationmuseum.org are supported by thousands and have hundreds of PhDs in science that support creation research. 

But, Christians as a group are sheep led to the slaughter. We have done great things though and currently the three largest disaster relief organizations are based and founded on Christ – The Red Cross, The Salvation Army, and the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief.

Christians should not feel compelled to deny climate change simply because democrats promote it but rather should argue that “the Bible told you so” because the literal Genesis view of creation and a 10,000 year-old earth fits the fossil record and the drastic shifts in climate and geology (earthquakes and tsunamis) better than secular uniformatarianism. In fact, the late Stephen Jay Gould, an outspoken athiest and paleontologist had to come up with the theory of punctuated equlibrium to explan how species sporadically appear and disapper in the fossil record, which goes against secular uniformatarian theory which is the foundation of geology, geography, and evolutionary theory.

What’s this all mean? Christians – true, authentic Christians – have the ability to discern good from evil and we are required by the Bible to use that gift to love our neighbor as ourselves. So when it comes to societal decisions and caring for God’s creation, Christians need to point out what others can’t see. If we don’t, we can be sure that history’s nightmares will repeat because there is an enemy who never sleeps and only lies, deceives, and destroys.

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