Sunday Morning Reflecting on #Creation from a #Christian Perspective

I’m teaching a #Bible study class for college and career and found a site with 33 verses of Scripture about God’s knowledge, skill, and abilities in creating everything we see or have ever seen.

To with that I found a great reference from Institute for Creation Research which has numerous citations from secular science journals that demonstrate the improbability of a 4.5 Billion year old earth and the greater probability that it’s only six to ten thousand years old.

Why should we investigate whether the literal account of Genesis is the actual way it all happened? Simply because the Bible  says the God cannot lie. If God cannot lie and if He can and does explain all the other symbology in the Bible (e.g., parables that illustrate a point), then He could have simply said that each day represented an eon or undefined period of time. But if you read Genesis 1 it’s clear He was talking about 24-h days.

C.S. Lewis explained how God perceives time by comparing our perception of time to that of our favorite novel. In the novel, the characters live in a time line that is bound by the covers of the book. The reader does not.

My analogy is that of a computer programmer. The programmer writes the program that includes everything need to create a virtual universe and can even include random variables and some type artificial intelligence. The programmer can interact with characters by creating an avatar of themselves. All this creativity is just programmer code until the programmer hits the enter button and the 1’s and 0’s become a new world.

But to the characters in the program that world could have the appearance of being much older and how would they ever know unless the programmer communicated the information to them.

So, it is with us and God, who is far above us in his ways and intelligence. When your omniscient, omnipotent, and truly righteous and just, then it’s no wonder why creation is as beautiful as it is. Even with all it’s physical beauty and diversity of life, the greatest thing God created was free will. Ironically, our lives would be easier if we didn’t have it. 

But through the death and resurrection of Yeshua the Christ, God was able to reconcile us to Himself and pardon us from his righteous wrath. For those who follow Him, niether Satan nor our fallen nature (that Adam chose and passed down to us) can separate us from his love or eternal life.



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