Why #climatechange #science and science in general cause so much confusion. #philosophy #Bible #Christian #logic #reason #creationscience

The foundation of science is philosophy, the foundation of philosophy is faith, the foundation of faith is wisdom, the beginning of wisdom is the fear of the Lord. Ps 111:10 Pr 9:10

People think science is about data but data is only a fraction of what science it. To interpret sampled data and apply it to the big picture in a defensible way you need to:
1) make logical deductions, inductions, inferences
2) state and provide support for any assumptions,
3) control for biases, use appropriate statistics,
4) not extrapolate beyond your data when making predictions.

If science is not defensible, then it is speculation and conjecture, essentially rhetoric.

With all these factors, science is easily influenced by a person’s worldview and intentional or subliminal biases. Scientists are passionate about what they do so that opens the door (believing is seeing) and scientific journals need people to read them and are biased towards publishing studies that show effects (rather than no effect).

Science, like democracy, is not pretty and is tainted by selfish human desires, but it is the best option for improving the quality of human life and taking care of the resources God has gifted us.

The reason that the beginning of wisdom is the fear of the Lord is that no one can prove that God doesn’t exist and that Jesus wasn’t his son. That is information in which a spark of wisdom prompts a person to examine who Jesus is and what he did. It’s a simple thing really. People have free will because God wants us to have a choice of whether to seek him and love him or not. Don’t listen to either side. Read the Bible for yourself.

Want to learn a bit about science and spiritual warfare while being entertained? Read Malevolent Tide.

Want to know the Truth? Read the Bible, especially the book of John and then Romans.


Phil 1:21


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