The #contrast between the #evil #world and #Yeshua the #Messiah #Jesus #Christ

My wife is a labor and delivery nurse and the other day she had the privilege of helping a Christian couple welcome their first child into this world.  If you know about the details of embryology, you know every child is a miracle. What made this particular birth an even bigger miracle was that 8 months prior, the Christian parents had escaped ISIS.  The came to the US legally as refugees and they have jobs and are earning their keep.  One of the moments that touched my wife was when they began praying by simply repeating the words Yeshua, Yeshua, Yeshua.

We forget that our Jesus was not english or american, he was from the middle east, he was Jewish, and his mom called him Yeshua.  Thank God we don’t have to be born a Jew or from the middle east to receive his gift of eternal life and life abundantly while here on earth.  Thank God we don’t have to flee to another country to escape death because we are Christian.

But we still face trials here and the world and it’s prince of the power of the air will do everything to try and diminish Yeshua’s influence.  Selfishness and money are the means and the media delivers the message. The media’s money comes from ads and is based on the size of their audience so the more sensational the better. Truth is of no real consequence else the National Enquirer would be out of business. People mostly want to be entertained or hear things that reaffirm their opinions. Drama is very entertaining and having a side to fight for is compelling – whether it’s the NCAA basketball tourney or some political campaign.

The solution – I think every graduating senior should have to spend 4 years in the military, or the peace corps, or in the mission field in a foreign country before college. I also think every person who wants to vote should be required to serve 40 hours a year in community service. If those things happened, the US and the world would be a better place.  As Christians, who represent Yeshua, we should lead the way, walking the talk, and talking about why we walk.  The early church referred to itself as “The Way” and that is something today’s Christians need to remember.


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