Things my wife’s #breastcancer and son’s #adenocarcinoma have taught me: #cancer #Jesus #Christ #God

Dealing with the fears and uncertainty of a loved one’s cancer is not easy. Dealing with it when your wife and son have two different kinds of cancer at the same time is doubly not easy. But whether one loved one has cancer or two, or more…the situation compels you to prioritize what’s important versus what’s not, and to separate wants from needs.

While cancer is bad and one of the evidences that when Adam fell the whole creation fell with him, God’s promise in Romans 8:28 is still true. Here’s a couple of examples of how he’s worked this bad situation for our good.  I’ll post more in the future.

1. My wife and son and all of our family feel more loved than ever because of the kindness of family and friends who have prayed for us and supported us with food, financial support, and by just being there.

2. I have become very conscious that everyone in my family needs me to be there. Obviously, my wife and 11 year old son, but also my 13 year old because he has a mom and brother who are ill and a dad who’s pulled in several directions. He’s very understanding and takes care of mom when I’m away but I try to be careful that I don’t take him for granted.

I posted some scriptures the other day and my wife was given a pillow case with 15 more verses sown on it yesterday. It contrasts our thinking with God’s Thinking. I’m going to post one everyday for the next two weeks.

Our thinking:

  • It’s impossible

His Promise:

All things are possible. (Luke 18:27)

For more information about our battle with cancer, please go to Battling Cancer x2

For information about my Christian Thriller, please go to Malevolent Tide

Thanks and remember God calls you to him just as you are. Don’t worry or try to clean yourself up first, let him heal you.



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4 responses to “Things my wife’s #breastcancer and son’s #adenocarcinoma have taught me: #cancer #Jesus #Christ #God

  1. Kelly Caldwell

    Heath, You are a picture of Christ’s strength shining through you. I am praying for all of you through this faith journey. I am so thankful that God is never taken by surprise and He knows every detail of what is happening. Love you cousin, Kelly

  2. Brooke

    Absolutely wonderful!!!! You do have a pretty amazing family no doubt!!! ❤️

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