Our thinking: “I’m scared.” #God promises: “You were not given a spirit of fear.” #Jesus #Christ #breastcancer #cancer

We’ve all been scared from time to time. Fear can be a good thing.  Without fear and the ability to be scared, there’s a good chance we’d attempt a ridiculous number of unnecessarily risky things.  Things that might end our life before we’re ready.

So fear is protective.  Fear can be playful, too.  My mom and I used to love to go see scary movies.  The creepy music, the sitting on the edge of your seat, the tension, then the hair stands up on the back of your neck and you get chills and goose bumps.  Finally, the uncontrolled ‘Ahhh!’ when something jumps out of the screen and almost gets you.  Scary movie magic!

So there’s protective fear and there’s playful fear.  But there’s also paralyzing fear.  That paralyzing fear is the fear that Paul was talking about in 2 Timothy 1:7

For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.

When a lost soul asks Jesus to be their Lord and Savior, God sends the Holy Spirit to reside in their body to help their soul, mind, and body become the new creation the Lord Jesus intended that soul to become.  The Holy Spirit is a helper, not a hindrance; He is a paraclete (supporter), not a parasite; He is a comforter, not a cancer.

Cancer. There’s a word that causes paralyzing fear.  Anyone who’s read any of my latest blogs is aware that my wife and son both have cancer.  They were diagnosed within days of each other.  My wife has breast cancer and my son has adenocarcinoma.  We are two months into the battle, and are hopeful both will be cured by Christmas.

But in the first few days of learning of their cancers, fear had the upper hand with help from its greatest comrade, the unknown.  We didn’t know how bad each of their cancers were, how far it had spread, how it would be treated, or how we were going to cope, or even pay bills.

Those questions and the shock of the fearful reality that one or both could die evokes emotion to say the least.  The helpless feelings and shock also causes one to ask God why he would allow this to happen to us.

The only answer for me was to ask God for help  And it’s not only me asking Him, but it’s also the Comforter that resides in me and the Christ that stands at God’s right hand.  The Bible is God’s word and a Christian’s Constitution.  We go there to hear what God says and to learn his will for our lives.  We learn in 2 Timothy 1:7 that the Spirit God gave us is of power, love and self-discipline and most certainly not fear.  The Spirit of Fear is from the enemy of God and mankind, he’s a liar and the father of lies.  But remember the Spirit within the Christian is greater than the enemy of God and mankind that is in the world. 1 John 4:1-4

My wife and my son’s battle with cancer began two months ago but each person begins a battle with fear and God begins a battle with the enemy for their soul the moment they are born.  Each person has free will and fear plays a great part in choosing to seek God or not.

In the first few days when we knew little about the extent of their cancers and I felt my emotions begin to run away towards the worst case outcome I recalled what God had promised.  Fear was not what God gave me.  God gave me a Spirit of self-discipline so I could stop myself from giving way to negative thoughts in the midst of the unknown. God gave a Spirit of love so I could think of them and how to help them more than myself.  God gave me a Spirit of power so I could have the mental and physical and spiritual strength to be the husband and father and caregiver and counselor that they need.

To learn more about my wife and son’s battle with cancer, please go to Battling Cancer x2

For information about my Christian Thriller, please go to Malevolent Tide

Ben right before surgery. Our brave 11 year old boy.

The art studio Creative Soul threw a fundraiser for us and here’s Alison with her painting and Ben – aka Hero 1 and Hero 2


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  1. Kelly Caldwell

    Heath, I read a few devotions online most mornings and your blog has become a type of devotion for me. In the midst of great trial, you always point your readers (me) back to the hope we have in Christ alone. So encouraging. Praying for you all. Someday i would really love to meet your boys!

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