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Doubt is the opposite of faith.  For someone facing cancer, doubts can barge in and throw a bucket of cold water on hope. Faith is the oxygen that feeds hope’s flame.  Faith is an especially important thing in battling cancer.  Faith in doctors, faith in medicine, faith in one’s ability to cope, and faith of one day being cancer free.

I think doubts are an attempt to protect oneself from disappointment, to prepare for a let down.  You shouldn’t ignore the reality or the facts of the situation, but to assume the worst will happen in an attempt to keep from being let down is basically launching a preemptive let down.  Have you ever known a happy cynic? One who can notice the most obscure cloud in a blue sky or point out that the sunshine can damage their eyes.  Cynics live by this debbie-downer mantra.

The opposite end of the spectrum is not all that much better.  Unrealistic optimists live in a world where they think if they keep thinking positive and repeating positive things that all will turn out happy, happy, happy.  That is assuming they really believe what they are saying and not just being overly positive to keep from facing an unhappy outcome.

Anyone dealing with cancer or any other life-threatening disease needs an anchor.  An anchor that keeps the cynic and optimist in each of us from taking our emotions on a nauseating roller coaster ride.

People can let us down, so doctors can let us down, medicines can let us down, we can let ourselves down, family and friends can let us down, so is there anyone or thing that won’t let us down.  Anyone we can put our faith in and who in turn can give us faith?

Yes, there is someone.  His mom called him by the name Yeshua and he is commonly known by english-speaking people as Jesus Christ.  If you need faith that everything will be okay, seek Yeshua and ask for his help.  When he walked the earth he did not make sick people repent or demand they believe in him before he helped them.  He just helped them even if they did not have faith.  He helped them because they wanted to believe (Mark 9:21-27) but if they did not want his help he did not force it on them (Mark 6:4).

There are two simple steps to gain the faith needed to face any trial or tribulation this life throws at you.  First, ask Christ to be your Lord and Savior and be willing to truly believe, to extend your humanly-originated faith as far as you can.  That’s your humble humanly part.  Once you do that Christ will send the Holy Spirit and impart spiritual gifts and one of those gifts is faith. A faith that exceeds human understanding (1 Corinthians 12:9).  So, we should follow Paul’s divinely inspired instruction.

Romans 12:3

For I say, through the grace given to me, to everyone who is among you, not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think, but to think soberly, as God has dealt to each one a measure of faith.

All believers are given a measure of faith the moment they are saved.  And like a newborn, that Spiritually-imparted faith grows in the believer as the believer grows in the grace and knowledge of Christ.

For a detailed theological article of how the faith of salvation differs from the faith given to believers by the Holy Spirit click on  Is Faith a Gift of God or a Human Exercise

To learn more about my wife and son’s battle with cancer, please go to Battling Cancer x2

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My wife and I are so thankful to everyone for their prayers and support.  Next week, she begins five months of chemotherapy and we’ll find out the results of our son’s bone scans.  He will also have surgery to remove the margins around his tumor.  So, we are going to place our faith and hope in the Lord because he loves us.  Thanks and may Christ be with you.


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