Book Synopsis

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Dr. Justin Greer, marine scientist, is shocked when the body of his friend is found along a blackwater river east of the Okefenokee Swamp. Later, a mysterious, old man reveals to Justin that a strange substance connects his friend’s death to a ruptured oilrig in the Gulf of Mexico.

Determined to uncover the truth, Justin becomes tangled in a web of spiritual warfare and deception involving a lethal seductress, her vicious boss, and a diabolical plan that will plunge the earth into a catastrophic ice age. To save his family, a lost soul, and billions of lives, Justin must face an enemy he can’t see, find a faith he’s never known, and experience a miracle that no one could fathom.


Heber Springs Sun Times Article

Log Cabiin Malevolent Tide Article

St. Augustine author donates book to St. Johns County library |

From Charles Underwood (via My 82 year young father picked my copy of this book and proceeded to devour it over the ensuing week. My dad is not an avid reader. His responses over the week were emotional – anger one moment, laughter the next, and on more than one occasion tears. “I can picture the people and scenes in my mind and want to put it down but keep getting drawn back.” The fact he had this reaction is a testament to a great first novel. Only two questions remained when he finished…”when is the next one coming out?…”is there a movie planned?”



7 responses to “Book Synopsis

  1. lyn wade

    will definitely read!

  2. Sandra Kay Pillow

    Captivating! Can’t wait to read your book Heath!

  3. Does this cli fi novel take the view that global warming is caused by man or the opposite view? I believe AGW is real and true and i am also a God fearing man and even if this novel takes the view the climate change is a hoax and not real or set up by evil people, I still accept it as part of the new cli fi genre that i coined and created. TIME magazine will have a story on cli fi in the May 8 issue online. email me RH at danbloom AT gmail dot com – i love what you have written.!@ go go gog

    • Hi Dan, Thanks very much for your comment and kind words! The book doesn’t refute or support man-made climate change but does offer an alternative, being that our climate has rapidly changed in the past per the Bible (Noah’s Flood) and it can still rapidly change with or without human intervention for a number of reasons. The point of the book is to encourage people to develop a personal relationship with the Lord and to highlight the dangers and ethical problems of engineering the climate in a world where reverence for human life is spiraling downward.

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